FinxData LLC is a FinTech startup company based in Texas, USA. This company is founded by Shitanshu Kapadia & Hardik Golwala with the mission of providing financial data and information to the investor and helping them in taking the right financial decision with confidence. 

Shitanshu Kapadia is a Blogger, Personal Finance Consultant, Digital Marketer, Infoprenure Mentor, and founder of the leading personal finance Blog – Moneyexcel. He is PGDBA, with more than 10 years of experience in blogging and digital marketing. 

After 4 months of starting this Fintech Startup Finxdata Shitanshu met with his US friend Hardik Golwala. Shitanshu and Hardik share a friendship since their college days in 1998. 

Shitanshu is Electronics Engineer and PGDBA but he is passionate about finance. He is a blogger and Investor. Hardik is Chemical Engineer and he is a passionate active trader/investor. He is doing trading for the past 15 years. He tracks the US stock market on day to day basis and loves to share important tips and detail about US stock market. 

They met each other after 20 long years in India. (During Hardik’s visit to India) This meeting has turned out a big business opportunity for them. They decided to formulate an alliance to start premium services for US stock market trading tips on Finxdata with help of technical analysis.

As of now, Finxdata LLC is providing the following Data on the website.

#1 Global Stock Market Data of major country Indices

#2 Stock Analysis & Insights

#3 Stock Chart and Company details

#4 Foreign Currency Data

#5 Gold & Silver Price International Market

#6 Mutual Funds Data

#7 US Stock Market Articles  

#8 Trading Articles

Soon we are starting Premium Trading Tips Services.

At FinxData LLC millions of traders and investors come from all over the world and from all strolls of life. Some of them are a novice and are learning about money and investment for the first time, while others are seasoned traders, investors, business owners, professionals, financial analysts and executives intended to improve their financial knowledge and skills. No matter FinxData is here to help them.

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For media inquiries, please contact info@finxdata.com

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