S&P 500 Mini Future Trading Ideas

S&P500 Chart

S&P 500 mini future – /ES – General population does not know about how to trade S&P 500 future and future options. You can trade future and future options if you have account with your brokerage firm and have approval to do that.

Last night, 15 mins chart it was perfect pattern of “channel up” or close to “ascending triangle” around 11 PM CST. It broke that channel around 1 PM CST around $4275 and then moved all the way to $4240 or so. It’s good to know this kind of pattern because it’s typically bearish trend and on a break downside, you can catch the action and make some good money. You can also auto setup trigger trade for this kind of confirmation.

For detailed chart patterns you can go to resource and learning tab.

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